Sustainability and community engagement

As one of the leading consulting companies in the Nordic region, Norconsult is a driving force for the green transition. Our aim is to promote sustainable development by giving the best advice to our clients on how to reduce their projects’ climate footprint and energy consumption. The aim is also to contribute to positive improvements and slow down the negative developments related to the reduction of biodiversity and global warming. Together with our clients, we develop and implement innovative sustainable solutions that provide value for our clients and society and that will stand the test of time. We deliver quality in everything we do, in a sustainable way. Sustainability requires a multidisciplinary approach, and our strength lies in a continuous focus on development and an environment for knowledge sharing and further development of expertise across disciplines.

Sustainability in everything we do 

We work actively to ensure that our operations are in line with internationally recognised principles and guidelines for human rights, workers’ rights, environment, climate, nature and anti-corruption. We continuously focus on workplace safety and the prevention of health risks, the detection and handling of actual injuries and the identification and removal of causes, thereby contributing to continuous improvement. 

Our rule of thumb for ethical conduct is that all our behaviour shall be able to withstand public scrutiny. Sustainability is part of everything we do, both in our projects and in our own operations.  

From 2022 to 2024, we will focus on:  

  • Increased green share of revenue: We consider sustainability in all aspects and fields and aim to provide our clients with a solid basis for decision-making that encourages the adoption of sustainable solutions, such as reducing material usage and carbon emissions, minimising land use and environmental destruction, promoting efficient resource management and utilising solar cells or heat pumps. Together with our clients, we identify opportunities in the early stages of projects.  

  • Climate neutrality by 2030: We aim to be climate neutral by 2030. The goal contributes to the implementation of concrete measures in our own operations while also building knowledge and experience that can be used in our projects.  

  • Employee satisfaction of at least 80 percent: Our most valuable resource is our employees. It is their commitment and expertise that provide us with the opportunity to make thoughtful decisions that contribute to the development of a good and sustainable society for all.  

Driving force for sustainable development through digitalisation and collaboration

To find the best sustainable solutions, we must be a driving force for collaboration within our industry. We have an open dialogue about how to find good solutions equipped for tomorrow’s challenges. Competence in digitalisation and digital project execution is central to our success. 

The Trønder and Meråker Railway (Trønder- og Meråkerbanen). Photo: Matthias Herzog

Community engagement is in our culture 

Community engagement is an integral part of our culture. We are committed to taking social and environmental considerations in order to create increased client value and contribute to society. Our strategy for community engagement consists of the four pillars of expertise, children and young people, local supporters and gender equality and diversity. 

We are aware of our responsibility and have several collaboration agreements that support our community engagement at group level. 

In Norway, we have collaborated with Team Norconsult, MOT Norge, Kreftkompasset, Engineers without borders and Norges Realfaggymnas. Norconsult in Denmark has supported Danmarksindsamlingen which aims to help people in some of the world’s poorest countries achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals. Nordic Office of Architecture has collaborated with Architecture without borders. Technogarden in Sweden launched the app «Do Good Get Good» to encourage employees to engage in social and community work. Norconsult Digital has given lectures at educational institutions and entered into agreements with 12 universities, colleges and vocational schools regarding the use of ISY solutions.  

  • Janicke Garmann

    EVP Sustainability and staff

  • Elisabeth Hofgaard Lycke

    Manager Sustainability reporting and Improvements

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