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Metallurgical and Chemical Industry

For several decades, we have forged close partnerships with the industry, culminating in valuable interdisciplinary expertise. Our employees possess specialist knowledge and a profound understanding of industrial processes. They are driven by solutions that enhance production, curtail resource consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Norconsult's large industrial ecosystem offers services throughout all project phases and in all disciplines. Our interdisciplinary expertise is especially beneficial to clients in the metallurgical and chemical industry. 

The pursuit of climate goals and alternative energy production is propelling a surge in demand for metals and raw materials. Societal shifts of great magnitude are also impacting food and pharmaceutical production. Norconsult is a critical contributor to most industrial sectors, serving both large, established corporations and startups. 

Critical aspects of any industry include personal safety, physical working environment, efficient production logistics, energy efficiency and minimal emissions. We work closely with our clients, leveraging our expertise to offer extensive process understanding that transcends conventional engineering disciplines. 

Norconsult boasts highly skilled professionals in all disciplines, participating in early-stage studies to detailed engineering and implementation. Our local offices across the Nordic countries have an extensive knowledge of local conditions, offering significant value to our clients. 

  • Kristian Søreide

    Head of department

  • Kristian Kvamme

    Head of local office, Porsgrunn

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