Flood among farms in Gausdal

Flood protection

Climate change leads to more extreme weather and rainfall, which increases the risk of flooding, erosion, and stormwater problems along waterways, in cities, and towns.

The societal consequences and costs of flooding are enormous, but many small and medium-sized municipalities still do not have the resources to work preventively with flood protection. Instead, significant resources are used to clean up when things have gone wrong. 

There can be significant social and economic benefits to implementing protection measures before the damage is done, both to secure existing buildings and facilities, and in the planning of new development. Norconsult has extensive experience in the design of flood protection measures, from early concept studies, through detailed design and on to construction management and control. 

Flood protection encompasses many disciplines, including hydrology, hydraulics, natural environment, habitat conditions, sediment transport, flash floods, landscape, and land use planning, to name a few. In most cases, flood protection measures affect buildings and other infrastructure along rivers, such as roads, railways, bridges, culverts, water supply networks, and electricity. 

Successful project execution requires interdisciplinary project management and the use of multifunctional and climate-adapted solutions. Our goal is to create holistic and sustainable solutions with good interaction between the technical design of protection measures and adaptation to local conditions and the natural environment. Therefore, the measures not only serve the function of flood protection, but also fit well into the landscape and natural surroundings. 

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    Group Leader Flood Protection

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    Engineer Flood Protection

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