For nearly 100 years, Norconsult has been central in the planning and development of the Norwegian renewable power system. Our focus has been on hydropower and power transmission, but we have now also grown strong in solar and wind power.

Norconsult has participated in the design and follow-up of a large share of Norwegian hydropower, wind power, and district heating production, with associated transmission facilities. Services related to hydropower plants have been central to Norconsult's history. 

Through our interdisciplinary expertise, we have good and broad insight into all relevant challenges and solutions related to facilities for hydropower production. Our services range from consulting in the early phases and feasibility studies, through procurement assistance, detailed design, environmental assessments, construction management, system testing and commissioning, to the operational phase with environmental monitoring, measurements, analyses, and reassessments. 

At Norconsult, we prioritise the security and enhancement of current facilities. Our expertise in each component, coupled with our understanding of production chains in every phase, positions us as a favoured advisor. 

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Håkon Bergsodden

SVP Hydropower and Transmission

Elise Førde

Department Manager Energy - Environment

Einar Jones-Kobro

Market Director Renewable Energy

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