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Water in urban projects

Water is essential in all cities. Underground, there are large pipe systems and manholes that transport drinking and wastewater - a prerequisite for our lives. Above ground, rain falls and is part of our daily life. At Norconsult, we actively work every day to develop and design our cities. Through proper water management, we protect fjords and watercourses, while also preparing cities for increasing extreme weather conditions.

Our water experts in urban projects design cities with the use and management of water. We are involved in many urban development projects where the reopening of closed watercourses is crucial. By adding an extra waterway on the surface, aesthetic qualities are added to urban development areas while also returning the area to its natural state as much as possible. 

With climate change comes more extreme weather, and cities must adapt to this. When areas are transformed, streets are upgraded, bike paths are established, or properties are built, we use our unique water expertise. We model flood paths, plan and design rain beds, green roofs, permeable surfaces, and other low-impact development measures. There is a competition for space in cities, but through good coordination with all disciplines, stakeholders, and interested parties, solid knowledge of low-impact development measures, and creative solution development, we ensure good water management. With the use of blue-green solutions, we add new life to the cities and lay the foundation for quality of life. 

Upgrading existing water and sewage pipelines and establishing new pipeline systems ensure clean drinking water, sufficient firewater capacity, and proper handling of sewage. We have excellent knowledge of the construction of cable and pipeline systems in narrow urban areas with many road users and much infrastructure underground. We evaluate the best method for renewing pipelines for each project, considering sustainability, space availability, and impact on the urban environment. 


We are involved in all phases including:

  • Concept selection studies
  • Sketch/preliminary projects
  • Detailed regulations
  • Premise documents for private development actors
  • Detailed construction plans with competition and work documents
  • Building applications
  • Follow-up during the construction phase
  • Håkon Reksten

    Department Manager Water – Urban Development, Building and Property

  • Eirik Olav Mo Wroldsen

    Group Leader Water Urban Projects

  • Terje Hoel

    Senior Project Manager

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