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Architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture

We are a leading architectural community. We help you wherever you are – with local knowledge and interdisciplinary expertise. Our motivated architects, interior architects and landscape architects work coordinated to supply you and your project with the best expertise.

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We are passionate about beautiful and functional buildings, lush urban spaces and inspiring interior. Timeless architecture is our philosophy and something we strive for. It is about developing sustainable societies with long-lasting principles and values. We create buildings that outlast trends and outdoor spaces robust enough to face climate change. Our interiors stimulate and inspire for years. We aim for quality over time. For us, this is timeless architecture – an attitude we express, demonstrate and aspire to every day. Timeless architecture is solid and beautiful, while also being functional, universal and future-oriented.  

At Norconsult, our architects, interior architects and landscape architects work closely with our engineering colleagues. No other company offers this synergy as clearly in the market as we do, and we know that it is something that strengthens our projects, motivates our employees and allows us to offer you unique and comprehensive solutions.  

We win awards and are proud of our achievements. We love teamwork, and together with our engineering colleagues we simplify your job and execute our work seamlessly. Our projects are complex and simple, large and small. We can immerse ourselves in beautiful details or solve complicated logistics. The diversity of our projects is endless, and that inspires us.  

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    Manager, Interior Architecture

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    Manager, Landscape Architecture

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