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Energy storage

Energy storage is becoming increasingly important, whether it's about increasing self-consumption of renewable energy, smoothing out power peaks, or storing excess energy from one season to another. Energy storage is an important part of a sustainable energy solution.

There are several technologies that have been developed for energy storage to meet a variety of needs, depending on the purpose of the storage and the amount of energy to be stored.

Thermal storage can be used for seasonal storage of excess heat, for example, using geothermal wells or horizontal heat loops in shallow, insulated layers. For seasonal storage of electrical energy, chemical energy carriers can be used, with excess electricity producing hydrogen via electrolysis. Depending on the purpose, either the hydrogen can be used directly, or regenerated back to electrical energy using a fuel cell. 

Batteries are being utilised in buildings, charging stations, and directly in the power grid to smooth out power peaks, increase delivery reliability, and contribute to increased consumer flexibility. Energy storage in combination with local energy production ensures a higher degree of energy self-sufficiency and provides flexibility. 

Norconsult’s team has some of Norway's foremost engineers in energy storage, and we can help you find the best solutions to your specific challenges. We have the expertise to deliver innovative, smart, and tailored solutions that will provide economic savings and contribute to reaching climate goals. 

  • Mari Lauglo

    Commercial and industrial electrical energy storage

  • Lars Sigurd Eri

    Thermal energy storage systems

  • Morten Gleditsch

    Grid-scale electrical energy storage

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