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Community Planning

Norconsult’s analyses and studies provide a nuanced and academically sound basis for community planning at all levels. Employees from our broad interdisciplinary network base their advice and services on good overall understanding and feasibility.

At Norconsult, we are committed to understanding how society works, so that we have the best possible foundation for identifying important social trends and challenges. This allows our consultants to develop alternative scenarios and assess the effects of different types of changes. 

Our engaged professional network is committed to holistic and interdisciplinary processes and services, and facilitating sustainable social development, both environmentally, socially, and economically. 

In terms of infrastructure investments or development measures, we have extensive experience in location studies and assessment of regional impact. Regarding green initiatives, we have extensive experience from several projects related to electrification, charging infrastructure, carbon capture, biogas, and hydrogen. We develop strategies and measures to promote emission-free transport both at sea and on land. 

  • Edel H. Nordang

    Head of Mobility and Society Department

  • Frode Voldmo

    Team Leader Community Studies

  • Linda Alfheim

    Team Leader Analysis and Insight

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