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Water and wastewater treatment

Norconsult has a large process engineering team that plans and designs facilities for treatment of drinking water and wastewater. We provide solutions that ensure a safe and robust water supply, and wastewater treatment technology that protects the environment and water quality in our fjords and waterways.

Our process department has all the technical expertise required to plan and design new facilities or provide advice on improvement measures for existing systems. We work in all phases of process assignments, including overall planning and feasibility studies, early-phase evaluations, and detailed process design. 

We approach our tasks differently, depending on their specificity and complexity. Some can be very specialized and detailed, while others are more general or interdisciplinary. Many of our projects are interdisciplinary, and working across disciplines is one of our strengths. Our employees and the water process team are naturally integrated with other departments and divisions that work within our field. 

Sustainability is important in a water and wastewater treatment facility. We prioritize this early on and find solutions that uphold social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Where appropriate, we involve our sustainability coordinators and together we identify opportunities for sustainable solutions in our projects. 

We have a solid digital toolbox that we use in our assignments. In our design projects, a model-based approach facilitates better efficiency, quality, collaboration, and good solution choices. Our deliveries can be fully digital or partially digital. We tailor the level of digitalization to your wishes and needs.

  • Anne-Marie Bomo

    Head of Water Process

  • Sindre Stefferud

    Team leader Wastewater treatment and Resource Recovery

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