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Project and Construction Management

Norconsult provides project administration services for interdisciplinary projects, catering to both professional project owners as well as public and private developers.

Our services include construction client consultancy throughout the entire project lifecycle, project management, project control, process control, as well as project design management and oversight of external and internal disciplines and specialties. 

We possess expertise in a wide array of methods, techniques and systems, and diligently stay updated on the methods employed by project owner organizations in the building and construction industry. Our consultants offer the use of both Norconsult's own project methodology as well as our clients' models and tools. 

Our employees work systematically to stay updated on the lates advancements in the project management academia. Through our collaboration with OsloMet, we provide our project managers and project design managers with access to a high-quality education program. 

We continuously enhance our implementation processes, including VDC, LEAN and collaborative agile methods, to ensure optimal project execution and increased profitability for our clients.  

Our consultants are highly skilled in managing and coordinating their own work with other disciplines and project stakeholders, resulting in a seamless interdisciplinary approach and consistently high-quality outcomes at all project levels. 

Norconsult is a leader in digital project implementation. We have successfully developed a robust framework and efficient work processes in BIM (Building Information Modeling), which are seamlessly incorporated into our implementation strategy and project methodology. 

  • Odd-Inge Hansen

    Section Manager, Project Administration

  • Bjørn Morten Olesen

    Senior Advisor

  • Hans Martin Riseth

    Head of Department

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