health center, woman in a wheelchair

Health and Care

Creating good facilities for health and care largely involves understanding the needs, limitations, and possibilities for the group of people we are planning for.

The buildings and outdoor areas we move around in have a greater impact than we may realize. Creating physical environments that stimulate and enrich our sensory and spatial experiences is an important prerequisite for us and everyone who will be there. 

Care is about dignity for all, and we are committed to finding architectural solutions that make everyday life easier and more understandable for the people we design for. These are different groups with different needs, from multi-handicapped young people, patients with cognitive impairments, various types of autism or dementia. The solutions must be adapted to the challenges posed by the different forms of diseases. 

In meeting these challenges, we will create buildings, interiors, gardens, and outdoor areas that stimulate and challenge the senses. This is crucial and particularly important for the quality of life of the users. If the senses do not function as they did before, we ask ourselves how our architecture can contribute to stimulate them. We use the inherent qualities of architecture and materials to make everyday life better, easier, and more meaningful for the individual user

  • Siril Betten

    Manager, Interior Architecture

  • Hilda Øfsthus

    Manager, Landscape Architecture

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