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Reducing Climate Emissions

We contribute to reducing climate emissions in projects through interdisciplinary consulting and the use of forward-thinking digital solutions.

When involved in the early stages of a project, we have a solid foundation for optimizing concepts, energy solutions, and material choices that help reduce climate emissions.  

Circular economy involves sustainable use of materials. We prioritize measures based on the waste pyramid, always considering reuse and repurposing over new materials and products. We have developed digital tools that provide real-time visualization of climate emissions from new materials, allowing us to compare solutions and monitor the ongoing impact of material choices throughout the project. Such control over solutions helps reduce risks. 

We assist clients who want production facilities for renewable energy, whether it is small, local solar installations and heat pump solutions for buildings, or large-scale renewable energy facilities. We are involved in numerous projects in the green industry that have significant implications for future resource utilization and climate emissions. Our mobility advisors continuously work towards reducing emissions from the transportation and logistics sectors. 

To succeed in reducing climate emissions, we must approach solutions and measures holistically, which is why we collaborate across disciplines to provide comprehensive advice to our clients. 

Contact persons

Tine Villadsen Gundersen

Sustainability Manager for Society and Urban Development

Ingve Olai Ulimoen

Sustainability Manager for Buildings and Property

Lars Sigurd Eri

Sustainability Manager for Industry

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