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Hydrogeology and Groundwater

Groundwater, a vital natural resource, can also pose challenges. When planning excavation or drilling activities, it is common to encounter groundwater, regulated by the Water Resources Act, Pollution Control Act and Drinking Water Regulations. To ensure compliance and safe practices, it is advisable to engage a hydrogeologist, and at Norconsult, we have the largest team of hydrogeology experts in Norway.

Hydrogeology is a scientific field that deals with the movement of fluids through subsurface formations, including porous soils, wetlands and fractured rock. A hydrogeologist assesses the local water balance, groundwater flow patterns, and the effects of various interventions on the existing equilibrium. With this information, a hydrogeologist can provide advice on the sustainable use of groundwater resources and solutions to challenges such as pollution and groundwater leakage. 

Norconsult's hydrogeology team is composed of 25 highly skilled professionals located in various offices across the country. Our team is dedicated to delivering reliable and practical solutions for a range of projects, including major construction works, shallow geothermal energy, groundwater supply, pollution migration, impact assessments and natural hazard evaluations.

Our experts possess comprehensive research knowledge and extensive practical experience, enabling them to provide interdisciplinary risk analyses and sustainable solutions. We work closely with our clients and collaborate extensively with other in-house fields, such as soil mechanics, engineering geology, environmental geology, construction, water, and hydrology to ensure holistic outcomes. 

  • Kevin J. Tuttle

    Technical director Hydrogeology

  • Lars Været

    Group leader Hydrogeology

  • Oddmund Soldal

    Technical expert Hydrogeology

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