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Risk Management

Effective risk management are needed in systems and organisations due to complexity, or to be adaptable to societal or technical changes. Our specialists will help you to consider hazards and risks by identifying, analysing, and reducing risk through risk assessments and risk management.

The purpose of risk management is to identify and prevent unwanted events and their consequences. Our strength lies in our broad interdisciplinary expertise and detailed knowledge within a wide range of services. This provides us with a solid foundation to meet your goals and requirements for effective risk management and oversight. 

Risk management is an important tool for collating og systematizing information, as well as controlling hazardous acitivites. Our advisers handle the practical implementation of risk management in all assignments and phases to help you find good solutions.  

We identify factors that affect safety through risk assessments and analyse unwanted incidents in terms of causes and consequences. Risk management improves strategic and operational processes by exploiting risks and vulnerability, encouraging innovation, and monitoring and supporting safety goals in line with the decision-making process. 

Through risk management, we evaluate ways to handle and communicate risk to ensure increased awareness. Furthermore, the process ensures that decided actions are prioritized adequately to tailor the outcome. 

  • Gro Aanesland Dahle

    Head of Risk Management and Technical Safety

  • Kevin Medby

    Head of Societal Safety and Security

  • Sondre Stette

    Head of Risk Management

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