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Norconsult maps biodiversity in all ecosystems, both on land, in freshwater, and in the sea. We use this knowledge to determine how biodiversity is affected by human activities.

Norconsult has a strong professional environment with expertise in biodiversity. We work, among other things, on large projects related to mapping of natural habitats and species, investigations of water environments and impact assessments of large and small initiatives.

To reduce negative impact on biodiversity, we engage early in projects and advise on how measures can be adapted, and where development projects should or should not be located to minimize negative effects on the environment. Our experts are closely involved in the methods used in impact assessments, and work in interdisciplinary teams when involved in projects with activities that may affect nature. 

In all projects, we assess national regulations, such as the provisions of the Norwegian Nature Diversity Act regarding sustainable use (§§ 8-12), the Norwegian Water Framework Directive's rules on the state of watercourses, and provisions on physical measures in watercourses and riparian zones. We have solid expertise in sustainability certifications such as BREEAM, and we are familiar with the criteria for biodiversity in the EU taxonomy. 

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Torgeir Isdahl

Terrestrial biodiversity

Leif Simonsen

Freshwater biodiversity

Bente Breyholtz

Marine biodiversity

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