Food industry

Food Industry

We have extensive experience in advising the food industry. We possess a deep understanding of the industry's demands and have vast experience in designing and delivering advisory services to our food industry clients.

The food industry is held to exceptionally high standards of hygiene and traceability in their production facilities and buildings. Furthermore, strict controls on emissions to air and water are mandatory. The profitability of our clients is heavily reliant on effective energy optimisation and efficient production flow. At Norconsult, we leverage our diverse expertise to design energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions with low carbon footprints and favourable energy consumption. 

We are adept at handling all project phases, from the initial sketch stage to implementation. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support during the operational phase, which includes production support, equipment procurement and condition assessments. Partnering with Norconsult ensures that our clients have a team of experienced engineers and architects who cover all areas and phases of development or rehabilitation projects. 

Our specialists have extensive experience and expertise in process equipment, process support utilities, procurement, and validation, as well as equipment and system qualification. We frequently act as sparring partners and advisors during operations and the early stages of projects. 


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Carl Petter Larsson

Marketing Coordinator Pharmaceutical industry and Food industry

Vemund Isachsen

Senior Advisor GMP

Per Espen Kristofersen

Head of department - Industrial Process and Ventilation

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