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Pharmaceutical Industry

Norconsult is a leading consulting firm in the pharmaceutical industry and drug manufacturing. We provide design and validation services to companies that produce pharmaceutical ingredients, medicines for sale, and medical equipment.

Our services within the pharmaceutical industry and drug manufacturing are intended for builders, contractors and suppliers. Our consultants are experts in their respective fields and collaborate closely with other disciplines, such as QA/QC and GMP specialists, as well as other basic disciplines as per our clients' requirements. 

We have extensive experience with all phases of a project, ranging from the sketch stage to implementation and commissioning. We also offer support for the operational phase, which includes production support and condition assessments, equipment procurement, and other related services. 

Our services are in high demand for the renovation and construction of production rooms and factories. We specialise in designing cleanrooms and utility systems for manufacturing and processing. Our clients value our assessments and optimisation of processes, as well as our acquisition and installation of new systems and equipment. 

Norconsult's specialists possess comprehensive experience and expertise in process equipment, utility systems for the process, procurement, as well as validation and qualification of equipment and systems. We often serve as sparring partners and advisors in operational and early stages. 

  • Carl Petter Larsson

    Marketing Coordinator Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

  • Frank Roald Eikaas

    Team leader QAS

  • Per Espen Kristofersen

    Head of department Industrial Process and Ventilation

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