Automation water, inside hydroelectric power plant

Digitalization in Water and Wastewater

Our extensive experience with fully digital project execution in water and wastewater projects ensures that you can rely on good information flow, which we will manage throughout the entire project lifecycle.

With the current backlog of necessary upgrades on the water and wastewater-infrastructure in Norway, the requirements for information management are more important than ever. Therefore, we are particularly focused on using the best technology to streamline and quality assure the information flow throughout the lifecycle of the facilities being built. 

Model-driven planning contributes to increased ownership and understanding of interdisciplinary challenges that should be addressed before construction begins. We have extensive experience in lifting our customers' gaze from the drawing board and guiding them in the use of cloud-based platforms for information models (BIM).  The models provide access to far more valuable information than traditional working methods allow. 

When your facility is built and needs to be managed in the operational phase, we are committed to facilitating the transition so that valuable information is not lost in the interface between the management system (GIS) and the project's digital twin (BIM). 

  • Sindre Øystese

    BIM Strategist: Water and Wastewater

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