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Underwater surveying using ROV's

Inspection with ROV (remotely operated vehicle is a special service in Norconsult for inspection of submerged objects. Especially in connection with condition control in hydropower, but also in other contexts. This offers great advantages when draining is expensive or not feasible and solves major HSE-challenges. Norconsult has used mini-ROV (Videoray) since 2001 and has completed more than 250 assignments in Norway and internationally.

Norconsult possesses equipment with ranges up to 600 m, and depth ratings up to 1000 m. We can offer ROV with lights, camera, laser, sonar, thickness gauge and a positioning system. This makes it possible to document and measure objects precisely, even when visibility is very poor. The equipment is compact, and can be transported by car, ATV, snowmobile, or helicopter.

yellow submarine robot
Periodic inspection of submerged bridge foundations.

Norconsult also partners with the diving company O.E. Hagen for inspection and 3D-scaning of longer water-filled tunnels and other underwater constructions. O.E. Hagen operates a larger ROV, while Norconsult delivers quality assurance and reporting by qualified professionals. The ROV has a maximum range of 6 km from the entry point, i.e. up to 12 km when two sided entry is possible. The results can be used independently or for integration in BIM engineering. The equipment is divided into several modules, enabling helicopter transport.

3d scan of river
Processed 3D-scan data. Assessment of tunnel collapse and pent-up water volume.

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