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Rehabilitation and Transformation

Rehabilitation and transformation present complex challenges. When you need to transform an existing building, we tailor your project. Our advisers have the interdisciplinary knowledge and specialist expertise needed to create good and sustainable solutions.

80 percent of the buildings that will be used in 2050 have already been built. This is a realisation we must accept. In the choice between transforming or demolishing existing buildings, the most sustainable solution is to preserve the square meters we have.

The building's technical condition, aesthetic and stylistic characteristics and your need for new use, provide unique solutions in each project. This requires broad expertise, and interaction between the disciplines to create a holistic and good solution. 

We already have extensive experience from several rehabilitation and transformation projects, and specialist expertise in all relevant fields. If you are going to turn yesterday's building into tomorrow's star, it requires a view from many different angles.  We assemble teams that will prepare the best solution adapted to both your and the building's needs. Together we achieve the most incredible things. 

  • Siril Betten

    Manager, Interior Architecture

  • Hilda Øfsthus

    Manager, Landscape Architecture

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