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Norconsult offers consulting services based on best practices and state of the art technology. By fusing digital tools and knowledge, we help you drive development, create smart communities and deliver sustainable projects.    

We offer these services

At Norconsult, we focus on how people, technology and processes work together to deliver the best solutions. We have several professional environments that work with digital competence development and digital business development, ensuring efficient execution of about 30,000 yearly projects. We offer effective IT solutions delivered by our subsidiary, Norconsult Digital. Together we deliver products and services that build and manage society. 


Competence and organisation 

We facilitate continuous learning and competence development across our projects and market areas. We offer strategic advice adapted to your individual needs and goals, and our approach to the correct competence, learning and scaling of best practices benefits you, even in projects without digital goals. We have cutting edge expertise and experienced professionals within BIM and GIS. We work actively to integrate these and other technologies to bring forth the potential in your and our organisations and value chains.  


Efficient execution model 

Information management is important, regardless of whether your project is simple or complex. We believe in an integrated and structured approach involving the use of industry specific technology (BIM, GIS and others) and process management through the VDC framework.  

We put emphasis on having a good model of execution that attends to your needs and project goals. We ensure this by utilising the best process management principles from VDC and continuous improvement and cooperation, in combination with digital solutions and processes. We also have good experience with the implementation of principles from ISO 19650.  


Digital services 

Digital transformation is about changing the way of working by utilising digital technology. Smart technology is an important focus area for us, and we offer customised solutions for the buildings of the future. Together with Norconsult Digital, we offer you industry leading services and expertise in the use of VR and AR technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, scanning and drone technology, system development and integration as well as digital information security.   

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    Leader of Digital Transformation

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    BIM Manager

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