Building seen from the road. Emergency room

Health Buildings and Hospitals

We plan and design health buildings, hospitals, and laboratory buildings with safe and functional environments for patients, users, and staff. We consider current and future needs, ensure sustainable solutions, and facilitate good patient care and efficient operations.

Our experienced consultants, architects, engineers, and project managers work closely with the client to understand their goals and requirements. Together, we develop solutions that provide safe, functional, and sustainable health buildings, and that contribute to better collaboration, time savings, and cost-effectiveness. 

Health buildings, hospitals, and care buildings should have a positive impact on people and the environment. Therefore, we emphasize reduced energy consumption, increased resource utilization, and a healthier indoor climate in such projects. We continuously work to deliver future-oriented services that meet the strictest requirements for quality, safety, and the environment. 

Through digitization, innovation, and collaboration, we find effective and creative solutions, and we use the latest technology and knowledge to achieve the best results. 

We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients and partners and creating value for all parties involved in a project. We always set our clients first and work hard to meet their needs and expectations in an efficient and professional manner. 

  • Kåre Kallmyr

    Department Manager Hospital and Cleanroom, and Hospital Marketing Coordinator 

  • Kjersti Kvalheim Dunham

    Market Area Manager Building and Property

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