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Socioeconomic Analysis

What profitability does an investment have? How can you get the most benefit for every penny invested? Norconsult develops socioeconomic analyses that provide our clients with the foundational knowledge necessary for informed decision making.

Socioeconomic analyses form the basis when steering future investments. Our employees have both solid expertise and wide-ranging experience in various areas within socioeconomic analysis. 

Our analyses are based on a thorough knowledge of economic relationships, and the use of econometric and statistical methods. We prepare both quantitative and qualitative analyses to assess the value that various measures have for society as a whole. 

We have extensive experience in calculating pricing for consequences related to transport measures. Traffic and socio-economic effects are closely integrated. We assess and quantify the benefits for both personal transport, freight transport, and land use, and have a good understanding of the tools used by, among others, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Bane NOR. 

  • Edel H. Nordang

    Head of Mobility and Society Department

  • Frode Voldmo

    Team Leader, Community Studies

  • Linda Alfheim

    Team Leader Analysis and Insight

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