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Geotechnical Ground Surveys

Geotechnical ground surveys play a crucial role in any project. Our expertise in site investigations, both on land and in the sea, enables our clients to make informed decisions.

We provide site investigations that address both geotechnical and environmental concerns in all phases of a project. This includes environmental mapping, early-stage assessments of sites, area stability evaluations and detailed investigations for design purposes and monitoring of changes in groundwater levels.  

We offer our services across Norway, Sweden and Danmark. 

Norconsult boasts a state-of-the-art geotechnical laboratory situated in Molde. Equipped with advanced GDS machines, we conduct all routine tests and specialised experiments. We also provide a large refrigeration facility for storing samples until analysis.  

  • Daniel Johansson​ 

    Department Manager, Norconsult Drilling

  • Ingunn Simonhjell

    Head of Department, Geotechnics

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