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For more than 90 years, Norconsult has been instrumental in realising both minor and major industrial ambitions. Our skilled workforce has generated significant value for a diverse range of industrial clients and projects.

We offer these services

Over decades, we have established a solid foundation for supporting our clients in the development of their products, processes, projects, and facilities. Our extensive technical competence and capacity, combined with our and our clients' knowledge of industrial processes, result in excellent projects and forward-looking solutions. 

We are proud to offer tailored technical expertise and interdisciplinary services for the development, construction, and execution of industrial projects – wherever they may be. 


Interdisciplinary services and deliveries: 

Through our projects, we have gained invaluable experience in how to organise and execute various industrial projects. We see ourselves as a full-service provider of industrial advisory services. Strong subject-matter expertise, effective project management, and the development of cost-effective solutions are central to everything we do. 


We frequently contribute throughout the different phases of a project: 

  • Early phase/feasibility studies including location analysis, economic analysis, and calculations. 
  • Regulation and regulatory processes; impact assessments, regulatory plans, other types of planning processes as well as various government permits 
  • Design, layout, and construction. 
  • Pre-FEED, FEED, and design of all key disciplines and components. 
  • EPCM and other forms of project execution models. 
  • Construction process follow-up and facility execution. 
  • Operations follow-up, production management, and production optimisation. 
  • Modifications, maintenance, and upgrades. 


Technical depth and expertise 

Our range of services covers consultancy, project development, design, and execution of various types of building, conversion, or modification projects on industrial plants with associated infrastructure. In addition, we support the development of products, processes, projects, and operating models. 

Our delivery model covers all essential industrial disciplines, from planning, design, technical safety, through construction, infrastructure, power supply, and support systems to environment, sustainability, facilities, and follow-up. 

This expertise is available through our network where local presence is essential, so regardless of where you as a customer are located or what services you purchase from us, you have access to our collective experience and technical expertise. 

  • Henning Vellene

    Head of Technology and Industry

  • Per Espen Kristofersen

    Department Manager, Industrial Process and Ventilation

  • Juliana Lima

    Senior Adviser

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