Solar power

Solar Power

To achieve the goals of increased production in a sustainable way while also helping fight against harmful impacts to the environment, we need to better utilise readily available sources of inexhaustible energy, solar energy.

Norway was once a world leader in installed solar energy. When the technology was expensive, and no large solar power plants were built, the small solar panel on the outer wall provided light in the small mountain cabins where there is otherwise no power.  

Today, solar power is the fastest-growing energy source in the world. Norway and the Nordic countries have good solar resources – especially in the summer – and profitable solar power systems are being installed on an increasing number of buildings. In light of the enormous need for new power production, the first ground-mounted solar power plants are also coming to Norway. Three decades later, the solar panel on the cabin wall still works, which explains the success of solar energy: long life and low operating costs provide profitable energy production. 

Whether it is solar panels integrated into the facade of a school in Southern Norway, solar power plants with grazing sheep in the inland area, electrification of villages in Africa, or floating solar power plants on a lake, we focus on the same thing in our projects: high and cost-effective sustainable energy production and collaboration with our customers. We have one of the largest and most experienced professional communities in the Nordic region within solar energy, and we assist our customers with everything from finding the best areas for solar power development and support in licensing and construction processes, through to ensuring that the facilities produce power as expected throughout their lifetime. 

  • Morten Gleditsch

    Ground mounted PV systems

  • Mari Lauglo

    Building mounted PV systems and complete industry area solutions

  • Sigbjørn Grini

    Measurement and analyses of solar resources and climate

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