Water environment

Water environment

Our waterways serve many purposes. They bring joy to people, animals and plants, and are especially important as our main source of drinking water. To ensure a good water environment and a secure supply of drinking water, a forward-looking and sustainable management of catchment areas and water sources is required.

Sustainable management of catchment areas and drinking water sources requires knowledge of the activities and sources of pollution in the catchment area that may negatively affect water quality. A solid knowledge base is essential for making the right decisions and implementing effective measures. 

We have expertise in catchment management and water source assessments, including catchment characterization, mapping of activities that may affect water quality, and evaluation of water quality parameters. Human activities such as sewage, agriculture, industry, and transportation are the main challenges for water quality, which in turn has consequences for water treatment in waterworks. 

We conduct field investigations with sampling, analysis, and evaluation of measurement results. Based on the results of mapping and analysis, we establish a tailored action plan in consultation with the customer to reduce both the risk and consequences of pollution. This approach meets the requirements of authorities for hazard mapping and hazard management of catchment areas and drinking water sources and forms the basis for the waterworks' sampling and contingency plans. 

Interdisciplinarity is our strength, and in such assignments, we combine our knowledge of water quality, drinking water supply, and water treatment with catchment management. We have in-depth knowledge of the requirements for drinking water quality and a good water environment. Elements from action plans are normally based on the Planning and Building Act. We know how important collaboration is between different levels of government, different municipal agencies, and other stakeholders in the catchment area to ensure our most important resource - drinking water - is safe, both today and for future generations. 

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    Head of Water Process

  • Mathias H. Kleppen

    Senior Advisor, Water Resources Management

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