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Building and Property 

We provide complete consulting services for the planning and design of building and property projects. Our architects and engineers work multidisciplinary, delivering functional and sustainable buildings to the benefit of you and your project. 

We offer these services

Our portfolio includes all types of buildings such as residential, office and commercial buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities, educational buildings, sports facilities, cultural buildings, and complex functional buildings such as research and laboratory buildings, fire and police stations, terminal buildings for air and rail transport and buildings for industry and energy production. Our clients include public and private construction companies, real estate developers and contractors.  


Multidisciplinary approach creates the best results  

In Norconsult, we have expertise in all fields and specialists who are in the lead within their fields and market areas. We are used to working multidisciplinary for your benefit and the project's best interest, and we offer all services in planning and design for the development of buildings and properties.  

Whether it is planning, on-site monitoring, new construction, renovation or reuse, we ensure that projects are realised with low risk and high profit.   

Our experts within spatial planning, architecture and landscape architecture aim to see the building’s function and form within its urban space. Urban spaces provide arenas for community activities, meeting places and cultural events, contributing to a lively and active city culture. They also offer opportunities to unwind and relax and act as green areas that improve the environmental quality in cities. At the same time, they help strengthen social cohesion and identity.  

Our geoscience and construction specialists identify economical and constructability solutions for the foundation and load-bearing structure. Our technical engineers collaborate to provide a sustainable energy supply and good indoor climate with the lowest possible energy consumption throughout the building's lifespan.  

We assemble multidisciplinary teams that work together to plan building construction, ventilation systems, electrical installations and plumbing systems to achieve space-efficient, integrated and economical, robust solutions.   

Experts within fire safety, acoustics, building physics and energy solutions ensure buildings with high personal safety, good indoor climate and proper energy consumption. Advisers within ITB ensure that the building's technical systems function as intended. Our specialists within technical infrastructure, such as roads, water and sewage, stormwater solutions, power supply and smart energy solutions, connect the project to its surroundings in the best practical way. Our ambition is to find solutions that reduce the consumption of materials, water, and energy.  

Our project managers ensure that projects are carried out efficiently and according to defined quality objectives with a focus on progress and cost control.  

  • Kjersti Kvalheim Dunham

    Director - Building and Property

  • Kåre Kallmyr

    Head of department Hospitals and Cleanrooms

  • Lars Thorbjørnsen

    Senior Project Manager

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