Nature and Landscaping

Projects can leave lasting traces in nature. We shape them in a way that integrates them into the landscape in a site-specific manner. Our extensive knowledge of nature and the environment is an important prerequisite for finding the best solution.

The initiatives can affect our experience of a natural area, as we facilitate outdoor activities, or perform larger interventions in connection with major transportation facilities. In natural areas, consideration for flora and fauna is just as important as the consideration for people. We describe the characteristic features of the landscape, collect data on how, for example, reindeer and other animal species move in the terrain, and map where rare vegetation grows for conservation purposes. 

Where we need more specialised expertise to manage or facilitate specific types of nature, habitats, species, or the like, we coordinate with other relevant disciplines so that we together find the best solution. Sometimes, the best result may be to not take any action at all. 

When working on initiatives in natural areas, we depend on information from those who know and use the area. Local knowledge is invaluable, as consultants we rarely know the area as well as the locals. There are many considerations to consider when carrying out measures in natural areas. It can often be difficult to find the balance between preserving nature and facilitating new development. At Norconsult, we have broad professional expertise that make us better equipped to find this balance. 

  • Hilda Øfsthus

    Manager, Landscape Architecture

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