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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about changing the way we work by adopting digital technology. We help you to streamline and extract the potential that lies in digitalisation today and for the future.

The building and construction area faces major challenges. The industry must build more, in a cheaper and more sustainable way. This requires innovation, and digitalisation of the processes and use of recognised methodology are key factors.

Together with Norconsult Digital, we offer industry-leading services and can carry out complex projects that combine developer expertise with a strong Nordic consulting team behind us. We have the expertise you need, and can assist with advice at both project, portfolio, and organisational level.

What steps should you take to ensure that the data you possess creates value for your organisation? Are you curious about what a digital twin is and how it can generate added value? We can assist you and your organisation in reap efficiency gains in projects and aggregating your data across, enabling you to make good decisions.

  • Thomas Fløien Angeltveit

    Leader of Digital Transformation

  • Inge Handagard

    Discipline expert

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