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Contaminated Land – Surveying and Remediation

The management of contaminated land must be taken into consideration during all stages of construction projects – from planning to execution. Our highly skilled employees possess expertise in a broad range of environmental topics and are situated across various offices in Norway, allowing us to maintain close relationships with our clients.

Norconsult is committed to providing professional and competent assistance in all types of land pollution projects and across all project phases. Our objective is to identify innovative solutions that meet regulatory compliance requirements, budgetary constraints, and project timelines without impeding progress.

The following are examples of the types of work we undertake in land pollution projects: 

  • Environmental impact assessments and zoning plans – early involvement is crucial for achieving the best solutions 
  • Site remediation plans – construction activity on contaminated land during development or reconstruction requires a plan to prevent the spread of pollution. The plan must be approved by the relevant authority before construction can start 
  • Waste management plans – the correct disposal of excess soil and rock is often a significant cost in construction projects. Knowledge of local options can make or break a project. At Norconsult, we strive to provide circular, sustainable solutions to waste management   
  • Industry and industrial emissions – we assist companies applying for discharge permits in accordance with the Industrial Emissions Directive, complying with regulations and reporting requirements, and other requests for environmental investigations from the authorities   
  • Remediation – Where a remediation order has been issued, we assist with scope assessments and cost estimates of the remediation options 
  • Monitoring – development, implementation and evaluation of monitoring programmes in both construction projects and for general environmental monitoring 
  • Reporting to the authorities – we assist with all kinds of environmental reporting required by the authorities 
  • Tender documentation  


Feel free to contact us for a non-binding consultation regarding your requirements and discover how Norconsult can assist your company today. 

  • Vegard Kvisle

    Head of Environmental Department

  • Ingvild Helland

    Group Leader Contaminated Land and Water

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