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Strategy and Process

Norconsult offers tailored strategy and process management as part of our expertise in early-stage analysis. This includes property development, municipal planning, and other overarching planning.

When we work with strategy development, strategy management, and process management for public and private actors, our approach is anchored in our research and development and developed in collaboration with Norway's leading educational institutions. 

Process management is carried out for property developers, municipal and county governments, public agencies, foundations, and other organizations. We base the implementation of various process and strategy paths on research-based methods, studies, data collection, and qualitative analysis. We develop holistic strategies with trusted toolboxes for use in subsequent planning processes. The insight adds concrete value and knowledge support to the implementation phase of the project. 

In our work on method development, we focus on practice-oriented knowledge development that can have effects locally and nationally. We actively use the UN's sustainability goals as a framework, and we emphasize the balance between social, environmental, and economic sustainability. We research, develop knowledge about, and explore the connections and synergies between processes in smaller local communities. 

Contact us for more information on strategic urban leadership, urban and rural environment packages, participation processes and facilitation, or other strategy development. 

  • Tine V. Gundersen

    Head of Urban Development

  • Tor Atle Odberg

    Senior Project Manager

  • Rina Brunsell Harsvik

    Senior Project Manager

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