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Parks, Streets and Public Spaces

Parks, streets, and public spaces create social arenas for people and contribute to green oases for biodiversity. Our societal responsibility as architects is to design the common areas between buildings with good quality and durable robust solutions.

We develop green spaces with respect for nature and materials, where human needs are at the centre. We shape social meeting places that ensure quality of life, living, and urban quality. 

Urban densification and climate change make cities vulnerable to stormwater and floods. It is about using nature's processes to manage rain and stormwater and to let water be a resource in the landscape. Together, we contribute to a shared sustainable future with blue-green solutions. 

Our expertise lies in seeing the totality of interdisciplinary solutions. Together, we reuse and develop knowledge from all our small and large projects, whether it's from the opening of small streams and planting plans or large construction projects and urban planning tasks. It is through our interdisciplinary experience that we ensure holistic solutions that take into account all considerations and needs from the client to the user. 

  • Hilda Øfsthus

    Manager, Landscape Architecture

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