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BREEAM Certification Services

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method) is an internationally recognized measure and mark of a building’s sustainable qualities. We offer all services for the BREEAM certification process, encompassing all roles required and delivering specialist reports and processes across the certification categories.

BREEAM-NOR AP and Assessor

BREEAM-NOR impacts all aspects of a construction project, from the early stages to the completed building. Our team of accredited BREEAM-NOR personnel (AP) and Assessors are skilled in effectively managing the certification process and conducting project audits. A BREEAM-NOR certificate is increasingly recognized by tenants and can even provide access to green loans through the EU taxonomy.


BREEAM In-Use offers a comprehensive assessment of environmental performance and health-promoting qualities in existing buildings. This is valuable for identifying opportunities for improvement and reducing environmental impact, resulting in reduced operating costs and increased value for building owners and managers. BREEAM In-Use certification can be used to demonstrate environmental and social sustainability.

Norconsult boasts Norway's largest expertise in BREEAM In-Use, providing tailored advice for certification of individual buildings or larger property portfolios. We assist with pre-analysis, documentation preparation, review of improvement measures, and coordination of certification during major rehabilitation processes. Our team also conducts certification audits to ensure compliance with BREEAM standards.

  • Ingrid Hole

    BREEAM Expert 

  • Ida Løvik

    BREEAM Specialist

  • Sophie Schönfeldt Karlsen

    Senior Advisor BREEAM In-Use

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