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Sludge treatment and resource recovery

Wastewater is not just a problem that needs to be managed, but also a resource from which we can recover nutrients, produce energy, and exploit the potential in wastewater sludge. Based on our expertise in technologies and processes, we identify how wastewater and sludge can become part of a forward-looking, circular bioeconomy.

Norconsult has extensive expertise in designing facilities and process solutions to meet regulatory requirements and contribute to energy-efficient and future-oriented solutions for recovering resources from wastewater and sludge. We have solid knowledge of wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, and biogas, as well as resource recovery in these fields. This gives us the necessary insight to identify and choose technologies and processes that are optimal for each facility. 

We design and plan large, regional facilities that receive sludge from many actors, as well as smaller studies to identify the potential in sludge and how it can best be used for biogas production or soil improvement. By knowing the critical factors in different technologies, we know how they can affect the utilization of resources in the sludge. 

Wastewater treatment plants must meet strict requirements for purification, while also having potential for recovery and energy production. Our experts have the necessary expertise to plan and design such plants. Process solutions must be adapted to individual needs and vary in size and complexity. We meet this through professional expertise and knowledge of existing solutions, as well as new and innovative technologies. 

  • Anne-Marie Bomo

    Department Manager Water-Process 

  • Sindre Stefferud

    Team Leader Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

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