architect-designed house on a grassland

Housing and Leisure

It is a great privilege to be entrusted with the opportunity to design someone's home. One of the most private things we have is the place where everything should be combined and function - dreams, visions, everyday life, and celebrations – for a lifetime, and for generations.

At Norconsult, we design all types of homes and leisure buildings, apartments, and entire neighbourhoods, but also tiny gems intended for contemplation and rest. 

We are often invited into people's homes, and we like that! And a house does not become a home until everything works, until it handles busy mornings and late nights, lively parties, and peaceful Sundays. It must grow with you and alongside you, constantly adapted to your life and your needs. And when the home is used for leisure, well - then we'll join you to the mountains or the beach to solve the task for you there as well. 

We understand housing logics and rational design, but we also know what it means when the home extends beyond the four walls. When the garden is allowed to creep in, and nature comes back and creates more space than you thought was possible. We let the details shine and the materials be at centre, so that your morning coffee gets just the right glow. We can add colour to your afternoons, raise the roof and let the light in - we create shelter and security, closeness and warmth, good air, and true love. 

  • Siril Betten

    Manager, Interior Architecture

  • Hilda Øfsthus

    Manager, Landscape Architecture

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