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Water in Building and Property Projects

Norconsult has a large team of experts who assist with water and wastewater-related issues in building and property projects. We have expertise in managing stormwater, ensuring necessary firewater coverage, connecting to water supplies, and diverting wastewater from buildings. We provide all services, from investigation, early-phase planning, design and construction permits, monitoring during construction, and all the way to completion.

Extreme weather with increased rainfall intensity and the desire for sustainable and future-oriented solutions have led us to plan, design, and size water, wastewater, and stormwater systems differently than before. Developers must comply with legislation, municipal guidelines for stormwater management, and standards for water and wastewater systems that impose strict constraints on water and environmental protection. Compliance with overarching requirements and guidelines must be documented in all planning phases, from regulation to commissioning and completion. In recent years, it has also become more common to set ambitious climate and environmental goals for construction projects, often with certification such as BREEAM. 

We work with outdoor facilities and have expertise in safe and future-oriented management of stormwater in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements. We plan and design stormwater systems that meet requirements for blue-green factor, local management, infiltration, detention, and safe diversion in flood-prone areas where necessary. We work with everything from small plots for single-family homes and cabins to large private and public building projects, as well as urban and area development projects. 

Our advisors have extensive knowledge and experience with water and wastewater solutions, both for connection to municipal sewer networks and separate standalone systems. We size and design water supply systems for potable water and firewater into the building and systems for handling and diverting wastewater out of the building. We are committed to interdisciplinary collaboration and ensure necessary protection and coordination with other underground infrastructure so that it can be built in a holistic and optimal manner. 

  • Håkon Reksten

    Head of Department Water - Urban Development, Building and Property

  • Jan-Roger Selnes

    Group Leader Water - Building and Property

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