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Sustainability Strategy

Businesses with high performance on sustainability, being able to demonstrate their contribution to sustainable development, gain increased competitive advantages, profitability, and enhance their own reputation. Norconsult assists clients in developing sustainability strategies.

Norconsult's advisors closely monitor the development and implementation of new frameworks for sustainability, such as the EU taxonomy and CSRD (The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). These frameworks define what can be classified as sustainable activity, as well as which requirements apply for businesses to enable them to demonstrate their sustainable development.  

With broad environmental and technical expertise, we understand our client's needs. We have in-depth knowledge of all technical sustainability criteria, and our professional experts provide advice within areas relevant to our client's challenges. We focus on rational and efficient use of resources and assemble teams with solid professional expertise tailored to each individual assignment. We offer experience-based strategy advice and use various methods and digital tools for all stages in the process of developing a sustainability strategy for our clients. Each step in such processes can be delivered as independent assignments and adapted to the client's specific needs. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist.  

  • Jarl Øvstedal

    Group leader for Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability Coordination

  • Erlend Edvartsen

    Managing Director of Pure Logic, part of Norconsult Digital

  • Ingve Olai Ulimoen

    Sustainability Manager for Building and Property

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