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Social Infrastructure

Social infrastructure involves the development of service offerings in education, health, care, culture, and sports. The services offered are planned and designed to be in the right place, at the right time, while benefiting all residents in an area.

When developing social infrastructure, our community planners, architects, service designers, innovation leaders, technical advisors and subject-matter experts work side by side with end-users. Together, we develop services that contribute to creating quality of life, well-being, growth, and development. 

When working on planning processes, studies, and construction projects we develop sustainable solutions for a society that is constantly changing. We design and lead processes that involve both clients and citizens. Based on a common foundation in a project, we reach out to community members on their own grounds. This creates engagement and ensures participation. In this work, we use varied, innovative, and creative methods. 

To ensure broad involvement, we combine digital and physical methods. This gives us the best possible insight into what we need to solve for whom. This is how we develop concepts and solutions that meet both current and future needs. 

  • Reidunn Waag

    Head of School Department

  • Tine V. Gundersen

    Head of Urban Development Department

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