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Consultancy regarding EU Taxonomy

Norconsult can assist companies with various services related to the EU Taxonomy, which is a classification system that defines which activities within a business that are sustainable, and which are not.

With the introduction of the EU Taxonomy in Norway, it will be mandatory for many companies to classify relevant activities and screening criteria. Results from these classifications will impact on opportunities for green financing and loan terms.  

Norconsult has employees with high competence on the EU taxonomy, who follow the development of new activities and screening criteria closely. We assist our clients in identifying activities and screening criteria relevant to their business.  

The criteria in the taxonomy are mostly related to technical solutions and environmental impact. We assemble teams with expertise within various disciplines, relevant to the actual case. By using digital tools, we can effectively find the degree of compliance, as well as required documentation. The results of such an assessment shall be included in the company's annual report. 

Today there are few businesses that are fully compliant with the taxonomy. When assessing green financing and loan terms, banks and financing institutions will emphasize on the company’s plans to close the gap between the current situation and the criteria in the taxonomy. Our approach is, that for these businesses, it will be valuable using the taxonomy as a strategic tool to develop and follow up on measures to close the gap. Our experts assist with gap analyses and suggest required measures to close the gap. The results will be input to the company’s annual report. 

  • Jarl Øvstedal

    Group Leader for Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability Coordination

  • Ingve Olai Ulimoen

    Sustainability Manager for Building and Real Estate Market Area

  • Christopher Garmann

    Sustainability Manager for Renewable Energy Market Area

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