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Energy and Environmental Engineering

Energy and environmental engineering encompass more than just calculating energy consumption and emissions; it also involves leveraging smart technology and conducting life cycle assessments to achieve sustainable solutions.

Our approach involves utilizing smart technology to learn from existing buildings, enabling us to develop innovative solutions that better align with the unique needs of each building.

We prioritize energy goals that deliver the greatest value for our clients' projects, supported by comprehensive life cycle assessments and energy analyses. Sustainability is a core consideration throughout the entire lifespan of the building. 


Environmental Engineering  

In an era where climate considerations are closely tied to the EU's taxonomy and financial frameworks, evaluating the holistic environmental impact of a project is more critical than ever. We conduct traditional emission calculations, material assessments, and environmental monitoring to thoroughly assess the environmental implications of our projects.

We believe that sustainability certifications should not only provide environmental benefits but also yield economic value and help mitigate transition risks for our clients. By adapting buildings to future requirements and usage, we ensure that they retain their value.

The actions we recommend depend on the unique characteristics and goals of each project, which may involve facilitating reuse, optimizing technical systems, ensuring flexibility in use, or other tailored measures. While every project is distinct, the importance of having knowledgeable advisors who grasp the intricacies of the field cannot be overstated. 

  • Ingrid Hole

    Energy and Environmental Engineering Expert

  • Erlend Haugland Næs

    Head of Energy in Operations, Energy Supply, and Smart Technology 

  • Sophie Thøgersen

    Expert in Emission Calculations and LCA

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