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Smart Technology

Smart technology and sustainable digitalisation are about solving important societal challenges in a quality-assured and efficient way. We contribute to the development of concepts and project proposals that provide added value to your organisation.

Smart technology is not just about smart devices. A successful digitalisation strategy is the result of smart interaction through a process where we help you keep the need at the centre, define specific challenges, and identify opportunities for efficiency. In addition to concept development and project proposals, we also specify functional content and system architecture that are integrated into a comprehensive plan. This ensures a future-oriented and efficient operating model within your organisation.

Integration between different system solutions and technologies contributes to increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved quality and adaptability in your operational models. By thinking smart, information collection can be made easier, and data can be shared quickly and securely among various stakeholders. While achieving continuous improvements, you can facilitate continuous learning and enrich datasets that can serve as important decision-making basis for significant changes over time.

To determine the combination of suitable technologies, you need to specify what you want to achieve. Smart technology utilisation relies on collaboration between various stakeholders, both within and outside your organisation.

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  • Erlend Haugland Næs

    Head of Energy and Smart Technology Division

  • Camilla Draugedalen

    Specialist in Smart Technology (OT/IT)

  • Gard Jenssen

    Specialist in Smart Cities

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