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Natural Hazard Assessments

Natural hazards can affect a wide range of buildings and infrastructure, and the risks associated with these are expected to increase with climate change and intensified development pressures. We use our wide range of expertise to provide interdisciplinary assessments and sustainable solutions to natural hazard risk.

Natural hazard assessments involve assessment of physical climate risk and identification of methods for climate adaptation. We have experts that can assess the full range of natural hazards, but our assessments are adapted to focus on the hazards that are expected to have the most significant consequences.  

The largest and most frequent natural hazards in the Nordic countries are water-related. This includes flooding from rivers or heavy rainfall, as well as erosion and increased groundwater pressure leading to mass movements.  

Human interventions in nature can result in changes in land use with greater runoff and changes to flow pathways. Transport infrastructure, buildings, and other developments create less permeable surfaces and new barriers to flow, forcing water to find new ways in new quantities. Changes to the natural environment can also affect the risk for erosion and ground instability. Our experts can identify good solutions for sustainable development to reduce the risk of natural hazards. We have all the necessary expertise to provide good and thoughtful solutions tailored to your challenge. 

The EU taxonomy for sustainable activities includes climate adaptation as one of the environmental goals to be evaluated. Natural hazard assessments are central to climate adaptation. It is important that the assessments are carried out with sufficient professional competence to ensure that they last into the future. Norconsult can provide sufficient professional expertise and breadth of knowledge to deliver high quality assessments. 

  • Steinar Myrabø

    Water-Related Natural Hazard Expert

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    Quick Clay Expert

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    Risk Analysis Expert

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