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Circular Economy

A circular economy is key to solving the resource crisis and is important in addressing the climate crisis. We strive to have the lowest possible carbon footprint in our projects, and always seek the latest knowledge and best technology when solving tasks.

To reach climate goals, we must consume less and recycle more. Circular economy includes everything from reuse mapping in construction to resource recycling in sewage treatment plants. We are committed to highlighting the possibilities of reuse, material and resource recycling, and energy utilization, and believe this should be considered in all projects. Material reuse in buildings can tell a story about past lives and lifestyles that provides social value for future generations. Reuse and recycling can be economically profitable and will prevent unnecessary strain on the world's resource base. The energy crisis we have seen in recent years shows how important energy-efficient solutions and utilization of surplus energy are. Our architects and engineers work daily to evaluate which materials and resources can be reused or otherwise add value. 

We have a strong focus on waste minimization and reduced footprint in design, construction, and operation, and we collaborate closely with our clients to find the best solutions for each project. 

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  • Steinar Amlo

    Environmental mapping and reuse specialist

  • Ketil Søyland

    Sustainability Manager for transportation

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