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Norconsult provides complete services for planning and designing all types of commercial buildings, residential buildings, and purpose-built facilities. Our clients include private property developers and contractors, as well as public entities such as state, county, and municipal organizations.

Norconsult has the expertise that property developers and contractors need in all phases of a new building project. Our spatial planners handle the planning process up to the completed regulated plot. Together with our architects and engineers, site-specific buildings are developed according to the client's project goals. 

When developing new buildings, there is the opportunity to define a high environmental profile for the project. This requires taking sustainability and energy use into account as guiding elements when designing the building. 

Norconsult's architects and engineers start with the site and surroundings, analyzing how the client's spatial needs can be met in a sustainable way using space-efficient floor plans and efficient technical systems. Our building economists can follow the project in all phases and keep updated budgets and cost estimates. 


The following disciplines are the most central in the development of new buildings: 

  • Spatial planning and regulation
  • Architecture
  • Landscape architecture
  • Environmental consulting / Environmental labeling and certification
  • Technical infrastructure such as water, sewage, and electrical systems
  • Traffic analysis and design of roads and spaces
  • Geotechnics and engineering geology
  • Building construction
  • HVAC, electrical engineering, automation, and ITB
  • Energy solutions
  • Building Physics
  • Fire consulting
  • Noise and acoustics
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