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Building Physics

Building physics encompasses the scientific study of the physical processes associated with heat, air and moisture transfer within a building, as well as the influence of local outdoor and indoor climates on the building's structural performance.

In construction projects, building physics is recognized as a distinct and vital field of expertise, known as building physics design. At Norconsult, we boast the largest professional community in Norway dedicated to building physics.  

Over the past two decades, we have been involved in a diverse array of projects ranging from small tourist facilities to housing, schools, swimming pools, industrial buildings, hospitals, and large airports. 

Our comprehensive services include building physics design, calculations, simulations, as well as expert assistance in building technical dispute cases. Our team of skilled building physicists are adept at analysing building structures to ensure they can withstand external and internal climate loads, and can also assess and repair damage in both new and older buildings.


We offer expert advice on a wide range of areas, including: 

  • Building physics design 
  • Independent control of building physics design and execution 
  • Early-stage assessments in rehabilitation projects 
  • Timber structures 
  • Building physics design of swimming pools 
  • Wet rooms, advice, and project management 
  • Air tightness measurements and thermography 
  • Moisture-safe building process  
  • Pål Kjetil Eian

    Head of Building Physics at Norconsult

  • Thor-Oskar Relander

    Building Physics Expert

  • Simen Edsjø Kalnæs

    Building Physics Specialist

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