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Sustainability and Circular Economy

Sustainability is about finding the best possible balance between social, economic, and environmental factors. We systematically compare these factors against each other to provide our clients with a robust knowledge base for good decision-making in respect of sustainability and circular economy ambitions.

Every choice we make in our everyday lives is in some way related to sustainability. We are committed to making the concept of sustainability as understandable as possible. This enables us to work effectively and comprehensibly in our capacity as lead consultants in the construction industry when working with sustainability and circular economy. 

We tailor our services to our client's needs. When we understand our client's goals and constraints, we optimize the process and solutions that promote sustainability. Although every project is different, the methodology that ensures sustainable development is largely the same. 

Circular economy is of great importance to the environment and includes everything from waste minimization in new construction, to reuse mapping in demolition and energy recovery. For us, building management and renovation of existing buildings are among the most important contributions to a circular construction industry. When preserving existing buildings, we utilize material resources and save climate emissions. Socially, this contributes to preserving historical elements. In addition, it can be economically profitable for the building owner. The same applies to waste minimization for new buildings, which benefits both the economy and the environment. 

We are continually seeking opportunities where we can contribute to sustainable development in collaboration with our clients, finding solutions that are mutually beneficial and in addition for society as a whole. 

  • Ingve Olai Ulimoen

    Sustainability Manager for Buildings and Property

  • Daan Boonstra

    Sustainability Advisor

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