We specialise in securing assets to ensure safe living, working and travel conditions. Our expertise in geotechnics, combined with our knowledge of natural surroundings, contributes to high-quality and sustainable solutions that ensure a safe environment.

Geotechnics involves understanding the ground and the masses we build with and in. The Nordic countries have diverse ground conditions. We have geotechnical engineers located throughout Norway and Sweden. Our local expertise allows us to solve challenges related to ground conditions in close collaboration with other professional advisers. 

We have one of the strongest professional communities within geotechnics in Norway and Sweden and employ innovative digital solutions to understand and solve problems related to natural hazards, foundation and ground works. We undertake all types of projects, from schools and commercial buildings to the country's largest transportation and infrastructure projects. Whether you are a municipality or a state-owned enterprise, a property developer or a contractor, contact us for assistance. 

Through cooperation with our customers, we strive to optimise solutions, reduce material usage and construction time, and take care of our surroundings, ensuring safe construction execution.  

Early dialogue and information gathering enable us to solve complex and complicated tasks efficiently. 

  • Keren Schwartz​

    Geotechnical engineer

  • Christofer Klevsjø

    Group leader

  • Martin Holst ​

    Group leader, Geotechnics

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