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Physical Security

Our experts help You identify and protect Your assets. With our expertise in physical security, we assist You in finding the best solutions to ensure security and protection of people, property, and assets.

As one of Norway's leading security advisers in security, we have broad and comprehensive expertise in physical security, security management, value- and damage assessment, dependency analyses, security risk analyses, continuity, insider risk and personnel security. Our advisors place great emphasis on understanding Your business and Your needs. We use our expertise to identify vulnerabilities and to develop measures that protect Your business against threats. 

In our work to assist You and Your business, we use knowledge-based methods. By implementing requirements and guidelines in Norwegian law, as well as our own internal regulations as a basis, we find solutions that ensure adequate security for Your business. 

Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to security, not only in physical security but also in community safety and emergency preparedness. By incorporating various fields and expertise, we can help You develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan to address security challenges. 

  • Kristian Hyllestad

    Senior Security Advisor

  • Petter Vindorum Sveen

    Senior Security Advisor

  • Kevin Medby

    Social Security Manager

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