Thermal energy system, pipes

Thermal energy 

Thermal energy is used to heat and cool buildings and to drive industrial processes, including power generation. The efficient production and distribution of renewable thermal energy is a key technology to meet our shared climate goals.

Norconsult offers a complete range of technical services within energy production and distribution, for all project sizes, ranging from plants for single buildings to city-wide district heating and cooling systems. We also offer energy management consulting to help our clients improve the efficiency of their existing plants and systems. 

We have long experience with heat pump systems using all possible renewable sources, including boreholes, seawater, raw sewage, and industrial waste heat. Whether it is a small ice rink or a large steam generation plant, our approach is the same – to work closely with clients to identify and engineer cost-effective solutions with a small greenhouse gas footprint.

Boiler systems using either conventional or biofuels are also part of our skill set, as are all the engineering disciplines needed to deliver a complete plant or system. Whatever the size of your project, our specialists can help plan and design for future-proof thermal energy. 

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